Antuanette Charlotte Gomez Carty
Antuanette Charlotte Gomez Carty
The Leading Canadian Woman In Cannabis

Antuanette Gomez
International Speaker & Cannabis Business Consultant,Working in Toronto, Canada.



As a Toronto native, I have a deep love for Canadian cannabis culture. I approach both life and work with creativity, collaborative and innovated. To me, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing a client fall in love with his or her work or investment.



For the past 5 years, I have been helping people start, buy, and sell brands & companies. With a experience background in executive work and medical cannabis, I have a thorough understanding of the cannabis market and know what it takes to champion a client’s needs.

Whether you’re founding a startup or buying a Licensed Producer, I can help you price properly, negotiate deals, qualify investors, run credit checks, acquire financing, pass/ and create boards, find employment, and more.



Client Reviews

Antuanette helped me buy my first brand at just under market value. Her knowledge of the industry, market trends, and construction quality is her superpower.
— Omar Nader
Knowing how attached founders can be to their startups is one of the things that makes Antuanette such a gem. She had a selling plan that highlighted all the work I’d put into my company. In the end, I was very satisfied and felt that I could let go more easily.
— Ayana Kabila
Somehow, Antuanette manages to be both a caretaker and a rockstar negotiator.
— José Ramos