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next event: august 23rd, 2017

Be part of one of the most fascinating political, cultural and economic shift of our time. Join our investors fund to support diversity in the cannabis industry with the Toronto Women Grow Market. Let us know a little bit about yourself to access the best deals & minds in the cannabis industry today! 

Diverse Investment Portfolio

Women Grow connects aspiring and current professionals in the cannabis industry. Creating one the strongest platforms in the startup space. With our team of experts we walk our members through the beginning phase of product development, business incorporation and intellectual property. Through our monthly events and mentorship, our members develop authentic and valuable relationships to accelerate their businesses and careers. While our events are women focused, our networking series attracts both men and women, creating a very diverse portfolio in all segments in the cannabis industry- everything from pharmaceuticals to ancillary products and more. Women Grow Networking Events occur on the first Thursday of every month that also showcases a pitch deck.


Why Your Investment Matters

As the Cannabis Industry expands, so will the importance of women within the market as influential consumers and business owners. Nationally, women make up the majority of the electorate and are the key demographic to advancing drug reform legislation. Women also control two-thirds of the consumer wealth in Canada and make the bulk of purchasing decisions on consumer goods. In a city like Toronto, where talent meets opportunity the resources are endless. Your company or organization’s investments of Women Grow signals to future customers, employees, and partners that your business is female forward.


What Your Investment Entails

• 20 minutes to introduce you, your company or services to our investment team.

• Monthly follow ups with paired business owner.

• Exclusive first opportunity for new businesses

• You have the option to invest publicly or privately.

• Suggested investment level of $5,000 - $100,000


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