Mindful Surprise



Yesterday my Yoga Teacher surprised me with a little gift, she sent me an address and a time and I didn't ask for an explanation and I'm glad I didn't. I walked into a room full of monks and nuns! I soaked up all their wise words filled with so much peace. I took lots of notes to share with my practice,  I hope I can plant some good seeds in the mind to make others day a little brighter. Take what you will in your mindful practice. 

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Physiologically the breath reflects the present mind.

How do people stay depressed or have anxiety for a long period of time? The Mind continues to generate thoughts like a chain reaction, feeding one thought to the next.

Breath with the telephone, the ringing of the telephone for most people bring expectation, and anxiety. Try being mindful and deep breathing when the phone rings. This brings mindfulness into your daily routine.

Stopping and deep looking is mediation; being mindful of all actions. Anchoring you mind in your body and being aware is more meditation then sitting and being calm.

If your happy and mindfully happy, that happiness becomes deeper.

Forgetfulness allows you to run away from negative thoughts. If negative thoughts occur, choose peace, and acknowledge the thought, be mindful of suppressing negative energy and deal with it right away, don't let one thought manifest.

Where do I wear my sadness? Where do I wear my pain? Your Inner child can guide you on adolescent pain that has never been resolved. If something is wearing you out, it needs to go, and this can take time, unraveling a string of negative thoughts.

Remind your body that you're there for you.

Soulmate means "to know oneself" in Vietnamese 




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