Attention All Toronto Foodies!  

Welcome to TRIPES AND CAVIAR Foodclub Canada Event #10 "La Nueva Luna" 

Event Flyer

Event Flyer

Industry Friends, family and lovers of food! Thanks to Chantelle Gabino (from Parts & Labor) for keeping me in the loop! THIS UPCOMING MONDAY, JULY 13 on the ROOFTOP of VALDEZ something spectacular is going down! T&C have a very magical way of showcasing food, their very passionate and knowledgeable, but most importantly they remind you how to truly enjoy it! By taking your phone and watch at the door to enjoy some food therapy! Also known as mindful eating? But the fun kind ;) they really have it down to an art, and I appreciate that.

This event will be very high energy and highly entertaining night, and it will all be captured on film. 

The night includes a 6 course tasting dinner with cocktail pairings, but we will also be filming a web-series with our friends of Cataround Films as a pilot for a featured Food & Drink show.

To get more of a feel of the event check out their first episode here :

For most of you that know me, you know that I am truly passionate about all things hospitality,  so I would love to extend a formal invitation to see you all here. COME AND BE ON TV! But also, come and partake in a culinary journey that will be sure to leave you full and tipsy, in the very least...

As always, Thanks for the love and support!


6 Course + Cocktail Pairing $120