Let's Talk About Medical Marijuanna

CALM; Cannabis As Living Medication  

CALM; Cannabis As Living Medication  

I love CALM, now I mean... I really love CALM, they've provided me with quality products to attended my Ganja Yoga class, and filled me with plenty of education on different strains and methods of intake. And now I believe is my time to give back to them! 

CALM; Cannabis As Living Medicine is a Medical Marijuanna dispensary located in the heart of downtown Toronto. I recommend this dispensary to everyone who lives in the GTA area. They have a diverse variety of strains and forms; oil, dry herb, edibles etc. Melissa Rolston, the on-site Cannabis Specialist will aid you in finding the right cannabis regimen for you. They provide 5,000+ Canadians with safe access to medical cannabis. 

CALM and I are working on bringing Ganja Yoga for members coming this August! I can't wait to start this next chapter; sharing the magical experience of being whole with the sacred plant cannabis. ~ Namaste


More info coming soon! Xo 

Become a member here:  cannabisclub.ca/become-a-member/

*The location of the dispensary is closed to members only.