Bittersweet Women's Brunch Update

The Rose's Brunch Private Invitation  

The Rose's Brunch Private Invitation  

There's something magical about brunch with a whole bunch of ladies and mimosas. It's where the idea was born on the business my partner and I created and where I've been able to connect with old industry colleagues and build new business ventures. 

The Rose's Brunch, brings female entrepreneurs that are guided with morals in order to help the world in a positive way; I've dubbed them Entrepreneurial Sweethearts. The main goal is not to rake in the dough, as much as it's needed, but to create a positive impact one project at a time! 

I regret to inform you that the August Rose's Brunch will be canceled due to my work schedule. That being said I am excited to announce I will be working in The Hamptons, NY this August, as a Health + Wellness Coach. I'll be teaching the medicinal properties of medical cannabis for a private function and I couldn't be more thrilled! 

There will be changes in the women's brunch as I am looking forward to partnering up with another strong female role model, that I hope to be announcing soon! I'm working on a lot of new projects and perfecting them to share with you all, making the wait worthwhile! 😉 


With Love,