Lets Meet in Bali : Awakened Woman Conference

AW Conference Facilitator - Antuanette Gomez

AW Conference Facilitator - Antuanette Gomez

I'm so happy to share with you all that I will be an expert facilitator at the Awakened Woman Conference, in Bali, Indonesia this November! This is such an honour and blessing to me. I get to be apart of this huge transformational retreat for women.  I will be speaking alongside many mentors such as, Bibi McGill, Beyonce's Creative Director, Guitarist & Internationally Known Yogi. The AW Conference is a beautiful platform aiming to empower the next era of feminine leaders.

I will be sharing the importance on having a "Relationship with Mary Jane" using cannabis as a holistic therapy. If you'd like to join me in Bali use my Promo Code: Gomez for $100 off your AW Conference Ticket. If you are flying from Toronto and would like to travel in a group contact me at info@zenlivinglifestyle.com.

*All tickets purchased or deposits made before JUNE 10th are automatically entered into a draw to win their ticket for free including a special welcome spa and massage package. Winners will be announced June 11th!

with love ~ a.