It all starts with a simple decision... Do you know where do you want to be in life, and do you know how to get you there. All of our wants and dreams are closer than we think, with a little guidance from an expert we'll make it possible. If you are ready to start taking small, measurable and effective steps towards a wealthier and happier  you, we suggest that you register for one of our packages to give yourself the best shot at succeeding!

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Cannabis Business Consulting

Flexibility based on booking. 


Tantric Sex + Relationship Coaching

Flexibility based on booking. 


Wether it's making your own cannabis products, to cooking with cannabis, or cannabis business consulting. I can help you here. I have over 5 years experience of working in the cannabis industry in many different areas. My expertise are, Training/ Education, Sales + Marketing, Branding, Dispensary Operations, Community Engagement, and Travel & Tourism. 


Have you have reached a point in your life where you are no longer willing to settle for mediocre connections in your relationships. Make time and space to reinvest in your partnership, awaken the passion you have for one another, reintroduce you to the person you fell in love with and give you tools to continue to deepen in life & lovemaking with your partner. 


Diversity Consulting + Program Developer

Flexibility based on booking. 


Developing a diversity training program for your organization typically involves assessing your team’s needs, designing materials that reflect your training requirements, delivering workshops and reference materials and evaluating your efforts. Companies that implement diversity training programs to advocate workplace diversity tend to have higher employee retention rates, improved morale, reduced lawsuits and improved recruiting.


Branding + Media Consulting

Flexibility based on booking. 


This is for anyone who has a niche and service that would like to expand their business. Here I teach a step by step guide on getting a large following and an even larger steady and reliable income using social media and determination.